Palma de Mallorca is one of the Spanish islands. A place where I was coming every year from 2002 – 2007, racing in the Princes Sofia race, with the Olympic class board rsx. After a very big break of 9 years, I decided, that I would like to get on this big board again. I was missing so much all the training, playing in a course (tactics), the feeling on a start line, the endless speedtest, imagine also the pumping on light winds. And all that with athletes, that became my friends, sharing this moments of passion, fun and pain, on land and water.

Getting fit and having an incredible quality of life, that in a normal lifestyle is not easy to get. So I got in contact with my very best friend on tour Marina Alabau. The coolest chic on tour, competitive, easy going, very simple person and cool in all ways. Gold medalist in the Olympics in London, and lots of medals in word championship and European championships. My idea was becoming her training partner and supporting her in her hard way back to the top. After 9 years being out of Rsx & competing, it didn’t sound a very good idea. We plan this trip begin of this year. Since than until now, I was training hard on land to get fit for this moment. In the same time, I got an offer from one of the biggest sailing club for Rsx & Bic Techno, to be their coach. Just perfect match.

So here I am now training with my friend marina, and its really working very well. I don’t know if I could end up her training partner, but for sure we will do, that training camp soon again.



One thing Marina & I have in common…

Passion for life & good moments

Thanks to Marina, to her team, and the sailing club

For make this week perfect  !


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