“Training with Tony is a life-experience”

Windsurfing entered my life in a period when everything made me feel pressured. A friend suggested that I go with him to Albatross- a place that, as he described, stood out for its exceptional beach and the quality of the people, for whom windsurfing held a special place in their hearts. That’s where I met Tony, with whom I later began training and learned so much from her regarding technique, as well as, gained important life lessons; the stories that she has to tell of her relationship with the board, along with her love for windsurfing and the passion with which she accompanies every single movement that builds and improves your technique bring you face to face with yourself- all your needs and the perseverance required in order to achieve them. That’s why training with Tony is not just another training. It’s a real life experience.

Thanos, 37 years old

“Tony taught me that windsurfing is a mental-strength thing”

I always thought of windsurfing as a men’s sport – all the people I knew who did it were men, that and the fact that it’s just you, alone on the board, scared me, even though I always found it extremely fascinating. On my last birthday, my best friends’ gift was the windsurfing for beginners’ package at the Tony Frey Windsurfing Academy. At first, of course, things were a little bit difficult- the relationship with the board is something you conquer gradually, though I felt relieved when I found out that windsurfing does not require physical strength but good knowledge of technique, perseverance, patience and longing to experience again and again these wonderful feelings that you experience while you are up on the board. Because, as Tony says, windsurfing is not about physical but about mental-strength.

Nadia, 26 years old

“Attention to detail makes her unique”

When I first went to Tony Frey Windsurfing Academy I was very impressed by the persistence with which all the experts and Tony herself reverted to the details concerning the technique. Initially it seemed a bit excessive and somewhat boring since I had gone there to improve my style and not to learn the technique as if I were a beginner. As sessions went on, I realized that you cannot dissociate technique and style: it isn’t feasible to be confident on board when your steps are uncertain and you’re unclear of every single movement that your body is supposed to make. Insisting on detail helps you evolve your style and enjoy the thrills that windsurfing offers you- and this is exactly what separates the good practitioner from the great.

Dimitris, 32 years old

“Methodology is the key”

At first it didn’t seem realistic: how possible was it to learn windsurfing in only 10 sessions- in the past that I had tried something similar, I had made a hole in the water. From the very second session with Tony though, I sensed that her methodology is the key to everything – and then, I saw it happen: the theory, as well as, its application on the simulator, our ostensibly ‘early’ contact with the water and the way in which all these elements are combined in the beginner’s package, helps you conquer a good first level as far as the relationship with the board is concerned. And this is really a great thing, because it makes you want to try even more!

Spyros, 44 years old

“Tony is the best thing that can ever happen to you”

I was told about Tony from a friend when I asked him about where to go for some windsurfing sessions. He recommended her to me as a leading expert in her field. He was absolutely right- I literally adored her: her immediacy and sincerity, as well as, her passion for windsurfing enchanted me from the very first moment! I soon realized that things such as the progress, the safety and the psychology of people with whom she is sharing her knowledge about the board also matter immensely to her. Tony loves her line of work and radiates joy and positive energy. Even the thought that today would be a session day fills me up with energy! I frankly believe that Tony is the best thing that can ever happen to you: a person with deep knowledge of her work, as well as, of rare character qualities. I owe her my love of windsurfing.

Helen, 36 years old

“Best professional ever, best prices ever”

The reason why I chose Tony at first were the prices I found at Tony Frey Academy. Since I had absolutely no idea about windsurfing, my main criterion was the relationship between services and cost – and Tony’s packages were by far the best! The reason I kept going again and again though was Tony herself. She is one of the best professionals and one of the most exciting people I have met in my whole life and as far as the place where the sessions take place is concerned, it is really beautiful. Once the weather gets more stable, I will continue attending the sessions of Tony Frey Windsurfing Academy, because I ’ve missed windsurfing a lot- and that is the major proof that Tony did manage to make it part of my life.

Kostis, 39 years old

“Honesty, knowledge, professionalism, dedication: in a word, Tony”

If it hadn’t been for Tony I wouldn’t have met the world of windsurfing. Some of strongest points: honesty, knowledge, professionalism, dedication and her true love of this particular sport- all in superlatives!

Panagiotis, 45 years old

“At Tony Frey Windsurfing Academy it always feels like summer”

I went to Tony Frey’s Academy because of the fervid recommendations from many different people, having told me the best about Tony’s athletic achievements. Even though I am not a sports kind of person and my free time is little, both me and my son were thrilled when we began our windsurfing sessions! Since then, windsurfing became the reason we looked forward to the weekend- not only because it is a wonderfully challenging sport that brings you in direct contact with nature while teaching you how to handle the wind, the sea and the laws of physics, but mainly because the atmosphere at the Academy is really exciting! Tony herself, with her limitless energy, her love of windsurfing and her shiny smile, makes us feel that there is a place where it always feels like summer- and that is Tony Frey Windsurfing Academy!

Katerina, 41 years old

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